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This British Brand Is Bringing Life-Changing Bra Fittings to New York City  Bravissimo, the leader in bras and bra-sized swimwear,…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

This British Brand Is Bringing Life-Changing Bra Fittings to New York City 

Bravissimo, the leader in bras and bra-sized swimwear, announces the reopening of its flagship boutique in SoHo, New York City. Founded in 1995 in London, this shop marks Bravissimo’s only brick-and-mortar location in the United States.

This award-winning brand has been supporting women in the United Kingdom for more than 27 years with a unique, personalized bra fitting experience. Bravissimo, which sells more than 3,000 bras a day worldwide through its 25 shops and e-commerce site, has helped more than 2 million customers find their bra size.

Now, Bravissimo is bringing the feel-good fit revolution across the Atlantic, supporting women with a bra fit that is tailored to them. Bravissimo believes that finding a great fit is about how you feel and having a fun, uplifting experience, not about using a tape measure and combining numbers and letters on a tag. After experiencing a fitting with Bravissimo, 93% of customers found they were a different size than they previously thought.

“To say we are excited to be reopening our doors in New York is an understatement,” said Leanne Cahill, CEO of Bravissimo. “As the cheerleader for bigger boobed women, we are so pleased to be able to bring our fitting experience and breadth of choice in lingerie and swimwear to the US. We hear from so many customers about how transformative finding their feel-good fit has been, and we are looking forward to supporting even more women in the US to feel uplifted in every way.”

Located at 433 West Broadway, NYC, the new Bravissimo store offers personalized bra fittings with experts who fit by eye, ditching the old-fashioned tape measure system. Bravissimo also offers the best-in-choice when it comes to a truly extensive size range of bras and bra-sized swimwear, from 28-42 D-L (UK sizing), along with activewear, sleepwear and more. Everything is made with the larger bust in mind, including pajamas with hidden support and sports bras up to an L cup size.

Initially opening briefly in 2019, this US store was temporarily shuttered due to the COVID pandemic, which was followed by a fire in the building. Bravissimo is pleased to officially introduce this location and formally open its doors to customers in the United States.

Bravissimo is an award-winning leader in D+ cup bras and bra-sized swimwear. Bringing the best in choice of styles and colors to women with bigger boobs, Bravissimo is dedicated to supporting, empowering and celebrating women while making bra shopping fun.

Founded in 1995 in London, Bravissimo now offers 94 different sizes from 25 different brands, selling more than 3,000 bras a day worldwide with an e-commerce site as well as 25 shops in the United Kingdom and a new flagship in New York City. The retailer is an expert in bra fittings, helping more than 2 million people find their “feel good fit” through in-store and virtual fittings.

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