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Brave Healer Productions’ Latest Book Aims to Spread Kindness at Home, Work and in the Community

Recently, on a flight from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Los Angeles, a passenger whose request to use the first-class bathroom…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Recently, on a flight from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Los Angeles, a passenger whose request to use the first-class bathroom was denied reacted by punching the flight attendant in the head. At a time when incidents like that are making the news and people’s general busyness is off the charts, Brave Healer Productions is proud to announce the release of EmbodyKind: A Guide for Authentic Living, a collection of stories and tools that could not be more timely as more of us struggle to be kind to ourselves and everyone we encounter.

EmbodyKind is helmed by lead author Kristi Trader, M.S., founder of EmbodyKind, a transformative movement that encourages people to model consideration, friendliness, affection, and love. Along with insights from Trader there are chapters written by Tisha Marina Bernard, Liz Dobbins, Karlie Everhart, Marijo Grogan, Dr. Matt Helm and Larissa Czuchnowsky, Jamison Jacobs, Shaylene King, Mitzi Koors, Sarah (SJ) Mackay, Laurie Marshall, Tina Muheim, Krysta O’Neill, Kristin Ray, Dr. Lisa S Tharler, Jane Trosin, Ari Weinzweig, Dr. Amy M. Wisner and Blake Zealear.

Each author shares a story and a tip that could spur kind behavior at home, at work and in the community. For example, there are chapters on what to do if one suffers from “not good enough disease,” how to help children speak up more effectively, using hypnosis to make positive lifestyle changes, making kindness a daily custom and creating a prescription for kindness in the field of medicine.

The book is available in print and eBook formats.

“Such a beautiful collection of deeply personal stories that serve to remind us all of the profound power of simple everyday kindness and self-compassion to first heal our own hurting selves, and thus heal the world.” Bryan Reeves, relationship coach and author, Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her)

“There is so much value in releasing the harmful narrative of not being good enough, and Trader offers an exploration of how to let it go from within, so that transformation can ripple out into life at work, at home, and in community.” Sharon Salzberg, author, Lovingkindness and Real Change

“What if kindness is much more powerful medicine than it seems? People who mistake the word to mean ‘nice’ or ‘socially grateful’ are missing the healing that it offers. And this book is filled with stories that invite you into a depth of healing that is only possible when it begins and ends in kindness — kindness for yourself, kindness for others, and kindness for life itself.” Jacob Nordby, author, The Creative Cure 

Kristi Trader designs custom experiences for all ages with the intent of embodying kindness in ourselves, others, and our communities. She uses an integrated approach and has facilitated personal and relational development, workplace engagement, bullying prevention, restorative practices, and community-building services to diverse industries.

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