Friday, June 14, 2024
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Coldwell Banker Warburg Launches ‘What Moves Her’ Initiative, Igniting Industry Change

The campaign is designed to help women at CBW learn new skills, broaden their networks, and further their professional development.

In an illuminating leap forward, Coldwell Banker Warburg, New York’s preeminent luxury real estate brokerage with a storied history spanning over a century, has announced the inauguration of its unique chapter of the transformative “What Moves Her” campaign. The initiative is crafted to bolster the rise of women in the real estate realm, a sector traditionally dominated by their male counterparts.

The pioneering “What Moves Her” campaign was initially unfurled in 2020 under the leadership of Sue Yannaccone, the trailblazing former Executive Vice President of Coldwell Banker Realty and the present President and CEO at Anywhere Brands and Anywhere Advisors. The campaign promises to underwrite a series of events, discourse panels spotlighting diverse perspectives, and unique promotions.

By launching its own “What Moves Her” chapter, Coldwell Banker Warburg is reaffirming its dedication to championing the empowerment of women within its ranks. “As a fervent advocate for the elevation and empowerment of women, I am thrilled to inaugurate the ‘What Moves Her’ chapter in NYC,” proclaims Kevelyn Guzman, Chief Operating Officer at Coldwell Banker Warburg. “We are eager to cultivate a community of symbiotic women who will collaborate and empower one another to attain greater success and fulfillment in all life spheres.”

In its inaugural year, the campaign saw more than 5,000 women actively participate, leveraging tools and strategies to enhance their personal and professional growth. As per the National Association of REALTORS, approximately two-thirds of real estate agents and brokers are women, making the field an inviting prospect for ambitious, career-oriented women. However, their representation in commercial real estate and leadership roles within the industry remains woefully sparse.

Moreover, women often grapple with the so-called “network gap,” a discrepancy in the size of professional networks and connections between men and women. This disparity can lead to missed opportunities, even for those women equipped with the right skills. Stunning data from LinkedIn reveals that women are 28% less likely than men to have a strong professional network.

These are the daunting challenges that the “What Moves Her” campaign aims to redress. “I have observed that women who foster a supportive network and have reliable mentors feel more confident and better equipped to excel in leadership roles. I’m elated and proud that Coldwell Banker Warburg is prioritizing this initiative for its agents and employees,” said Yannaccone.

The Coldwell Banker Warburg “What Moves Her” chapter officially took flight in April 2023. Those interested in joining this ground-breaking initiative can sign up here.