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Easy Recipes for Healthy Pregnancy & Postnatal Meals from Shaklee

Eating a healthy diet is an important component of overall health and wellness, but it’s even more crucial when you’re…

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 26, 2022

Eating a healthy diet is an important component of overall health and wellness, but it’s even more crucial when you’re a hopeful, soon-to-be, or new mom. Leading wellness and sustainability company Shaklee, which just launched its MeologyÔ Prenatal to support complete nutrition through the motherhood journey, shares three easy recipes for healthy pregnancy meals to whip up this holiday season while you’re nesting and preparing for baby.

If you like to wake up with a healthy shake or smoothie, look no further than to this easy, protein-packed strawberry shake option.



To switch it up from the sweetness of strawberries, easy overnight oats incorporate creamy almond butter (or you can swap in your favorite nut butter) and chia seeds, a superfood packed with omega-3s.



And for added energy on the go, which can be tough to muster when you’re growing a little one inside you, the Lemon Energy Bites are an easy and delicious snack to have on hand.



“Key nutrients like vitamins A, C, D and folate, calcium, and omega-3s should be in your diet,” said Jamie McManus, MD, FAAFP, Chair of Medical Affairs at Shaklee. “These recipes incorporate foods that are packed with nutrients, but it can be challenging to get everything you need from diet alone.”

“We know that during each of the natal phases, certain foods help support a woman’s changing nutritional needs,” said Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO, Shaklee Corporation. “But even with easy recipes like these, up to 95% of women still fail to get enough key nutrients foundational for a healthy pregnancy,1 so we created Meology Prenatal to help women obtain that nutrition with personalized, science-backed supplements that are delivered in a convenient way.”

Shaklee’s mission is to bring true wellness to the world. And true wellness means physical health through great products, financial opportunity, emotional health through the love and support of the amazing Shaklee community, and the health of the planet as a whole. Every human being needs all four of these elements to live a great life. People all over the world are starting to recognize how important true wellness is. To learn more about Shaklee and to join its ambassador network, visit:

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Shaklee is a leading wellness company founded by Dr. Shaklee, who invented the first multivitamin in the US more than 100 years ago. As a pioneer in sustainability, Shaklee was the first company in the world to fully offset its carbon emissions and have a net zero impact on our planet. Shaklee products are backed by over 110 published clinical studies proving safety and efficacy and are marketed through more than 2 million ambassadors in North America and Asia. With a complete wellness portfolio, Shaklee is committed to providing consumers with the products and support they need to live their healthiest lives. For more information, visit, follow @shakleehq on Instagram, or like us on Facebook.

Roger Barnett is the Chairman and CEO of Shaklee Corporation, the first company in the world to be certified carbon neutral. A graduate of Yale College, Yale Law School, and Harvard Business School, Roger has spent the majority of his career as an impact investor. In 2004, he acquired control of Shaklee, the pioneer of nutritional supplements, and has since transformed this once analog business into a digital powerhouse with a network of 2 million ambassadors across the globe. He has been selected as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum and is a member of the Harvard and Yale Schools of Public Health Leadership Councils, the University Council of Yale University, and the Yale University President’s Council on International Activities.

1. Bailey RL, Pac SG, Fulgoni VL 3rd, Reidy KC, Catalano PM. Estimation of Total Usual Dietary Intakes of Pregnant Women in the United States. JAMA Netw Open. 2019;2(6):e195967. Published 2019 Jun 5. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.5967