Friday, June 14, 2024
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Groundbreaking Map Reveals Dire State of Maternal Mental Health Support in U.S.

Leading Baby Food Company Teams up with Policy Think Tank and Thought Leader for First-of-its-Kind National Map and “Pin”-tition to Shed Light on Maternal Mental Health Care in the U.S.

As part of an unprecedented initiative to highlight the current crisis in maternal mental health in the United States, Plum and the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health have joined forces to develop the first interactive map that monitors mental health care providers and community entities. The innovative tool, which overlays the perinatal population along with associated risk factors, exposes a crucial requirement for a more comprehensive support system for mothers contending with mental health disorders.

Annually, over 600,000 American mothers are plunged into the tumultuous world of maternal mental health disorders. If not addressed, these disorders can be devastating to a mother’s well-being, the health and growth of her baby, and the family’s overall stability. This trailblazing project by Plum and the Policy Center has emphasized the pressing need to remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues in mothers.

By presenting tangible data, both organizations are determined to set the wheels in motion for substantial enhancements in maternal mental health support across the nation. Joy Burkhard, Executive Director of the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health, stressed that despite increasing awareness of mental health, numerous mothers continue to feel alone and unsupported. “We embarked on this groundbreaking research with Plum Organics to spot the deficiencies and formulate solutions to establish a support network for these mothers,” she declared.

The map, supplemented by the “Pin”-tition, gives an essential glimpse into the current necessities that should trigger action from the government, insurers, employers, and advocates. The interactive map and “Pin”-tition are available at, and on the Plum Organics and the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health websites.

To champion this cause, engage in the conversation on social media using #MMHMap and #Pintition4Moms. More details about the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health and Plum can be accessed on their individual websites.