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Savvy Ladies 2022 Gala Celebration Honors Change Makers, Mentorship, & Male Allyship Championing Financial Empowerment for Women

with Veronica Dagher, Personal Finance Reporter, Wall Street Journal, as Savvy Emcee Head of Gala Ceremonies

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 2, 2022

Savvy Ladies, a nationally recognized non-profit organization supporting free financial education for women, including a national free financial helpline, is pleased to announce the 2022 Savvy Ladies Honorees, who are each exceptional leaders supporting & leading financial empowerment for women. Each honoree, recognized for their unwavering commitment to financial education & advancement of financial literacy for women, will share their insights and knowledge as we host fireside chats and educational discussions at this year’s Gala Celebration on November 16th, 2022, with both in-person watch parties and live-streaming.

Veronica Dagher of the Wall Street Journal will lead our first fireside chat discussion with our Savvy Ladies Mentor & Mentee Honorees from J.P. Morgan Wealth Management: Regional Director Laura Stone and Market Director Kimberly Ambrogio. Laura and Kimberly have worked together for ten years and have helped each other navigate different stages of their careers. Both share a passion for DEI, supporting clients, and lifting their communities. They will discuss the impact and future needs for female mentorship in the workplace.

What it means to be a Male Ally will be a conversation between Suzanne Siracuse, financial industry consultant, and our Male Ally Honorees Jeffrey S. Grinspoon, Managing Director, Partner Hightower, and Gary B. Rosen, Partner in Charge of FVLS for the NY Region at Marcum LLP.

Jailan Griffiths, the President of the Nasdaq Foundation and the Global Head of Purpose at Nasdaq will lead a fireside chat with the Savvy Ladies Change Maker Honorees Kristi Rodriguez, SVP Retirement Institute Nationwide Finance and Yaela Shamberg, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer InvestCloud on what it means to build a healthy financial future, achieve financial wellness, and establish your wealth legacy.

Savvy Ladies is pleased to work with and be supported by those who, like us, are passionate about financial empowerment for women. We thank J.P. Morgan Wealth Management, Nationwide, Hightower, Marcum LLP., InvestCloud, Charles Schwab, Miller Zeiderman LLP., Francis Financial.

Tickets are available with proceeds helping to support the Savvy Ladies Free Financial Helpline. To learn More About Savvy Ladies, visit: