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Health and Wellness Femtech Startup “28” Launches Its New App To Accompany Its Online Platform

“28” redefines menstrual health by syncing fitness, nutrition, and mental health with a woman’s natural cycle

By Girl Power News , in News , at November 3, 2022

Femtech startup 28 is excited to announce that they have officially launched their cycle-based health and wellness app to accompany their online platform. With this launch, 28 aims to make their personalized fitness and nutrition insights more accessible and convenient to help women embrace their femininity and unique biology.

28 is the world’s first hyper-personalized, cycle-based fitness and holistic wellness experience for women that provides free daily streaming exercises and nutrition profiles designed for hormone health, and science-based emotional insights into yourself, your relationships, and your work. These elements are tailored to your current physical and emotional state, all hyper-personalized to where you are in your natural cycle and controlled by you.

28’s wellness experience is designed by supermodel trainers and medical experts to work with your body’s physical and hormonal fluctuations. It’s powered by nature and innovative technology that personalizes your daily experience while keeping you in control of your cycle data.

Painful periods aren’t natural, but they are common. Synthetic estrogens in birth control, plastics, and beauty products have created hormone imbalances for millions of women. 28’s functional nutrition was designed to naturally restore balance to your hormones, along with phase-specific functional movements. Additionally, many popular fitness methods were designed for men, not women, with no regard for the menstrual cycle. 28 is the first method of its kind designed to optimize your energy, hormones, strength, and flexibility as you experience changes throughout your cycle.

Founder of 28, Brittany Hugoboom, says, “You deserve more than a period tracker. Your cycle has four phases, and each phase brings changes to the brain and body. Exercising and eating based on your cycle means changing the types of movements and nutrients during each phase to optimize your physique, hormones, and mood. The 28 app empowers you to do that and more.”

Follow Your Cycle

Science-based Insights

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Nutrition Profiles

28 is continuing to update its app with additional features such as meal plans, shopping lists, and even more personalized insights. 28 is also proud to have one of the strongest privacy policies in all of tech, which includes a steadfast commitment to never sell user cycle data to anyone for any reason and to never turn over user cycle data to any government or regulatory authority under any circumstance. They’ve intentionally built their algorithm to be manually controlled by the user at any time, as opposed to leveraging more invasive, machine learning methods. It is strictly confidential and used only for the purposes of providing a customized user experience.

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About 28: 28 is a femtech company by women for women that delivers a hyper-personalized, first-of-its-kind, feminine fitness and holistic wellness experience (via site and mobile app), powered by custom technology and each user’s natural cycle. They provide world-class, customized streaming workouts, nutrition profiles designed for hormone health, and science-based insights tailored to users’ current emotional state and hormonal cycle. 28 is a movement to lead women towards happier, healthier lives, calling for women to reclaim control of their bodies in the most natural way possible.