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Heathline Media Addresses Need for Inclusive Skincare

The No. 1 health information property in the U.S. aims to give consumers access to trusted skin health resources across diverse skin types and tones

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“Between the abundance of information online and toxic beauty standards set by social media, consumers are left with unrealistic depictions of what healthy skin actually looks like, and lack a clear sense of what information to trust, or where to start, when it comes to their skin care journey,” said Dr. Jenny Yu, head of Medical Affairs, Healthline Media. “At Healthline, we are committed to providing our readers with actionable content, products and services that are inclusive and diverse to address various skin health needs.”

It’s no secret consumers today are looking for a personalized skin care experience. According to a Healthline Media study, readers have a desire for curated skin care products that are vetted with medical integrity. The survey discovered that:

The same Healthline Media survey highlighted the need for more diverse representation of information and product offerings, with 50% or more of respondents who identified as Black saying they are interested in learning more about skin care products and treatments made for them.

“Skin care isn’t a one size fits all approach — not every product or routine is going to work for every skin type and tone, and we built our content hub with this at the forefront of our mission,” said Faye McCray, head of Health Equity & Social Impact at Healthline Media. “Our strategy is to lean into features we know our readers actually value by sharing things like video, quizzes, and gamification to create content that is inclusive, more interactive, more personalized, and more trustworthy.”

Healthline Media is also partnering with brands such as Neutrogena and the UK-sponsored Vichy Laboratoires — a L’Oréal Group pharmacy brand that focuses on skin and scalp care — for sponsored and co-branded content throughout the skin care hub. Curated content will help readers connect the dots between their skin care and skin health needs and goals, using data-driven insights from skin care experts and health care professionals.

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About Healthline Media:
Healthline Media is the leading digital health and wellness property, reaching the most people on their road to well-being. The company delivers expert insights with a clear, human voice through its content, communities, and services. Healthline Media connects its partners with more than 85 million people each month (ComScore, January 2022) across its brand portfolio (which includes,,, and, and connects its audiences with solutions to help them live fuller, richer lives. The company publishes more than 1,500 pieces of content a month, created by more than 250 writers, and reviewed by more than 125 medical experts, doctors, and clinicians. Every program and piece of content is purpose-built to make an impact, and make wellness attainable for people everywhere. Healthline Media uses its platform to advocate for a more inclusive and equitable approach to wellness. Throughout its history, Healthline Media’s mission and vision have stayed constant: to create a stronger, healthier world.