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HUM Nutrition Launches The First tasty Gummy With Clinically Tested Ingredients for PMS Symptom Relief

SOS PMS GUMMIES expand HUM’s gummy offerings with a delicious, easy-to-take daily vitamin that supports hormone balance, urinary tract health,…

By Girl Power News , in News , at March 1, 2023

SOS PMS GUMMIES expand HUM’s gummy offerings with a delicious, easy-to-take daily vitamin that supports hormone balance, urinary tract health, overall mood, and more

HUM Nutrition, the clean and clinically tested DTC vitamin and supplement  brand has expanded its women’s health line with the recent launch of SOS PMS GUMMIES, the first gummy with clinically tested chasteberry extract for PMS symptom relief with a delicious taste.

HUM Nutrition launches the 1st delicious clean gummy with standardized and clinically tested Ingredients for PMS symptom

In response to the demand from consumers who prefer gummies over pills for daily vitamins and supplements, SOS PMS GUMMIES are formulated with: Chasteberry to support a healthy hormonal balance, Cranberry to support urinary tract health (and a delicious natural flavor), and Vitamin B6 to support overall mood. It contains a clinically studied 50 mg chasteberry extract (standardized to 1.5% agnusides) shown in studies to relieve common PMS symptoms including hormonal acne, bloating, mood swings, discomfort, and breast tenderness. SOS PMS GUMMIES will get you back to feeling like yourself during your menstrual cycle.

Formulated for women, by women, Hum’s Head of Scientific Affairs and Education, Dr. Jennifer Martin-Biggers explains: “Our customers were looking for an easy-to-take solution for PMS symptoms, so in continuation of our commitment to women’s health, we formulated the first vegan gummy to contain clinical levels of standardized chasteberry extract that delivers on both taste and efficacy. This ingredient has been shown to help manage PMS symptoms in clinical studies.”

Retailing for $26, SOS PMS GUMMIES are now available at

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ABOUT HUM Nutrition:

HUM was founded in 2012 by Walter Faulstroh, as a result of his personal struggle with his skin and breakouts. After years of trying topical products and prescription drugs that were only a temporary fix, Faulstroh knew there was a link between nutrition and his skin. He worked with top nutritionists and dietitians to conduct extensive research to formulate products with clean and certified ingredients. HUM now offers a wide range of products, which address everything from gut health, women’s health, sleep, stress, and skin with the mission to enable people to feel good in their skin and body. HUM is backed by extensive, scientific studies and formulated by top Nutritionists. Each bottle is made with clinically tested ingredients and a clean certified formula, FREE of the ‘Tricky 12‘ – common, bad-for-you ingredients such as artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives. HUM’s safe and effective proprietary blends help you feel confident in your wellness goals. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is just as important as its mission to help individuals look and feel great. Every bottle is fully recyclable and made from 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic™. To date, HUM has saved over 17+ Million bottles from entering our oceans.

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