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Indo-Western Fashion Label holiCHIC Took the NYFW Stage for The Second Time

holiCHIC’s New Collection Pays Tribute to South Asian Mother’s and the Traditions They Pass Down to Their Daughters Founder and…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

holiCHIC’s New Collection Pays Tribute to South Asian Mother’s and the Traditions They Pass Down to Their Daughters

Founder and Designer Megha Rao and Creative Director Pooja Desai Shah of Indo-Western fashion label holiCHIC unveiled the brand’s new collection titled ‘Ma’ (meaning mother in Hindi) on the runway during New York Fashion Week. Their runway showcased featured pieces from their latest FW22 ‘Ma’ collection including sari power suits, vintage inspired saris, upcycled cocktail dresses and even a few pieces from their mens line, holiMENs.

Taking 10 months to create, the ‘Ma’ tribute collection is inspired by Designer Megha Rao’s late mother, Jayshree Lathigara reflecting on the legacy and values South Asian mothers pass down to their daughters. It will feature a contemporary interpretation of classic Indian fashion taking influence from “moms closet.”

holiCHIC was created by Rao as a means to blend both Western and South Asian cultures. As a daughter of immigrant parents, Megha always felt like she belonged to different worlds. Her designs represent those dual identities. The designer recounts, “I’ve always belonged to two worlds, and my mother played a huge role in helping me find balance between both. She taught me how to embrace the opportunities I had growing up in America, while appreciating and respecting my South Asian roots.”

The collection draws inspiration from Megha’s childhood and bond with her mother. “The collection features power business suits, dresses and more created out of traditional saris to represent the strength and resiliency of our Immigrant mothers, who never forgot where they came from. My goal with this collection was to continue to find innovative ways to fuse old and new, redefining and re-energising cultural heritage, all while honoring my mother.”

holiCHIC, in partnership with Product of Culture, unveiled the collection at their ‘Mumbai, NY’ pop up shop last week in New York City’s Meatpacking District, it is will also available to shop online on the fashion label’s website.

Growing up as a first generation Indian American, designer Megha Rao was constantly inspired by her two contrasting worlds of East & West. This fuse was the driving force behind the creation of her brand, holiCHIC. Empowered by the vibrancy of South Asian culture, their designs are rich in detail, derived from centuryold Indian craftsmanship techniques, flattering silhouettes, hand dyed fabrics and intricate artisanal embroideries.

The brand’s mission is to keep South Asian culture alive through the expression of fashion. The label represents a thoughtful movement of creating meaningful garments for versatility and longevity. Allowing you to shop in a more sustainable way, building your wardrobe with timeless staples you can wear season after season.

Notably, holiCHIC has evolved into much more than just a fashion brand, amassing a loyal community of women who have learned to own and embrace their unique identities. For more information visit

Designer: Megha Rao
Creative Direction: Pooja Desai Shah
Concept and Shoot Assistance: Pareen Bhagat
Make up: @makeupbypriyanka
Hair: @hairbyliz.jas
Styling Assistance: @shayosaevents