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My Density Matters Launches Action Initiative for Earlier Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Check Your Chart™ Action Initiative Empowers Women to Take Charge of Their Breast Cancer Screening – Delivering Key Information to…

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Check Your Chart™ Action Initiative Empowers Women to Take Charge of Their Breast Cancer Screening – Delivering Key Information to Improve Patient-Doctor Communication

Awareness is good, but action is essential.

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women, and over 70% of breast cancers are in women with dense breasts. Unfortunately, most people do not know their level of density, and are unaware of “how” to improve their chances of earlier diagnosis.

My Density Matters is addressing the “how” for earlier diagnosis with an initiative to move from awareness to education to action. This Check Your Chart™ initiative empowers women to obtain their mammogram report from their online patient portal, learn their breast density, communicate with their doctor(s) about the results, and collaborate on additional screening options to find cancer earlier by providing tools for more informed conversations.

“I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer two months after an “all clear” mammogram and ultrasound, it was hidden in dense breast tissue,” said Leslie Ferris Yerger, Founder of My Density Matters, “Most women think an ‘all-clear’ mammogram means they don’t have breast cancer, which might not be true, especially if you have dense breasts. What it does mean is that no cancer was found, not necessarily that no cancer was present. Knowing your density opens up a better conversation with your doctor about your breast screening options.”

There is no cure for stage IV breast cancer, but Leslie feels fortunate to remain in full remission. It has inspired her to offer programs through My Density Matters in order to inform women about the implications of breast density.

By texting the words: Check Your Chart to 211411, access to tools and information will be delivered directly to your cell phone. This level of accessibility will improve health equity by removing some of the barriers that exist for people who do not have computer access.

Together with Medical Advisors, partners at the National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCBC), Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, and GenusConnect, the tools and information are now easy to access and understand.

The Check Your Chart website provides a simplified flow of information a person needs before and after their mammogram. A collection of instructional videos and downloads can be delivered on a phone, computer or tablet.

Collaboration is key – if you are interested in partnering with My Density Matters please contact Susan LePlae Miller, VP of Partnerships and Programs, at [email protected].

My Density Matters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to empower women to find out their breast density, learn their options, and take control of their breast cancer screening. Their work is supported by donations from Foglia Family Foundation, CMR Naviscan, Delphinus Medical Technologies, Seno Medical, and the community. Visit for more information.

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