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New Dietary Supplement Brand Looks to Elevate Your Wellness Routine

“VITAVATE™ Encourages You to ‘Fill Your Cup First™’ with Launch of Premium, Powdered Vitamin Formulas to Support Your On-the-Go Lifestyle – Available on Amazon”

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VITAVATE™ is a new female-founded, Black-owned premium dietary supplement brand intentionally designed to support heart health, energy, and focus.

With over 30 years of experience in food safety and quality assurance, founder Lori White and her team partnered with industry-leading food scientists to research and develop VITAVATE’s high-quality proprietary blend. After several years, VITAVATE was born – produced with effective, easy-to-consume, and flavorful formulas to support ‘HEART’ health, promote ‘FOCUS,’ and sustain ‘ENERGY.’

New Black-owned dietary supplement brand

VITAVATE’s HEART formula was developed in response to the troubling statistics that heart disease is the leading cause of death for Americans, notably, 49% of Black women over the age of 20 have heart disease in the US.

VITAVATE’s ENERGY and FOCUS formulas were inspired by the women in Lori’s life who consistently hold multiple roles. Over the years, Lori and her friends worked to keep all the balls in the air. Thus, a much-needed ‘pick-me-up’ was developed to better meet the multiple demands they each faced daily.

“As a family venture, VITAVATE has been a labor of love and intention,” says Lori. “I wanted to use my professional expertise and network to create a product that would address the challenges I faced in my wellness journey. At VITAVATE, we want to “Fill Your Cup First™” – so you are fully empowered to be your best!”

VITAVATE products are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, contain prebiotics, and sweetened with stevia. Each formula contains various vitamins and minerals in a powdered form.

The strawberry-flavored Energy supplement contains green tea and ginseng extracts, fiber, magnesium, choline, ginger root, grape seed extract, and PABA.

The orange-flavored Focus supplement contains vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin A, choline, and fiber.

Each variety of VITAVATE is sold in pouches of 15 packets (6 -7grams of product per packet) for $37.00 USD. VITAVATE products are available for purchase on Amazon and VITAVATE.com. VITAVATE is a proud member of Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator and the Fifteen Percent Pledge program supporting Black-owned brands. Connect with VITAVATE here: https://linktr.ee/vitavateofficial

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