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Premier Life Stories Reinvents the Bridal Journal for the Modern Bride

Premier Life Stories is excited to announce The Better Bridal Book ($95)– a modern take on the traditional bridal journal. …

By Girl Power News , in News , at January 15, 2023

Premier Life Stories is excited to announce The Better Bridal Book ($95)– a modern take on the traditional bridal journal.  The Better Bridal Book is an intuitive journal that guides brides-to-be through capturing the most important details of their fairytale story – from dating highlights to their honeymoon – on their phones.

The Better Bridal Book uniquely enables brides to include their thoughts, special images, and significant videos that help them remember their momentous occasion and relive it.  The Better Bridal Book is two books in one – a premium printed edition and a sharable, dynamic digital edition, allowing text, photos, and videos to come together to tell the full story.

Premier Life Stories recognizes and embraces the distinctiveness of each couple’s story by allowing brides-to-be to edit the book’s titles and prompts to customize their journal to follow their unique journey.

Premier Life Stories has also reinvented pregnancy journals ($112.50), baby books ($105.50), and adoption journals ($110) to help busy families capture their beautiful, exceptional, and complete stories.

“Life is meant to be lived and shared.  Our clients are living stories worth reliving and retelling to future generations.  We are delighted that we could make that process easier and better than ever before.” – Jennifer Burns, Founder and President of Premier Life Stories

Premier Life Stories is a woman-owned business born out of a personal frustration of having many pictures and videos but no real way to preserve and share the story of significant moments.  Premier Life Stories has developed flexible journals that guide busy people through the retelling of the most important stories of their lives on their phones.  Because all PLS books deliver in both digital and printed versions, video can be interwoven with photos and text to bring the important action and sounds in line so that significant milestones can be relived, not just remembered.

Premier Life Stories is on a mission to help tell stories better and easier than ever before. Our revolutionary platform effortlessly guides people through telling their stories while living their best lives.

Jennifer Burns
Premier Life Stories
[email protected]