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Prepping While Pregnant Can Lead to Better Success With Breastfeeding

There Are Many Factors That Can Derail the Breastfeeding Journey. Thanks to Go-Lacta, Low Milk Supply Doesn’t Have to Be…

By Girl Power News , in News , at December 26, 2022

There Are Many Factors That Can Derail the Breastfeeding Journey. Thanks to Go-Lacta, Low Milk Supply Doesn’t Have to Be One of Them.

There is a lot to do before having a baby. Some items on the to-do list are straightforward, like establishing a birth plan and setting up a nursery. Other elements are less predictable, such as preparing to breastfeed. Eight in ten mothers start out planning to breastfeed their children. And yet, less than half manage to make it three months exclusively doing so, with just a quarter reaching the six-month mark recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

There are many reasons for this struggle, including very real concerns, such as an individual’s medical history. And yet, a significant number of mothers point to the simple issue of either a lack of supply or nutrition within their milk that prevents their little ones from thriving early on in their lives. It’s the desire to overcome this distressing problem that led to the creation of the popular lactation brand Go-Lacta.

“Birthing is a beautiful experience,” says company founder Angela Veloso, “but it can also be filled with surprises — especially when it comes to breastfeeding. A mother might find their baby struggles to latch early on. They can also suffer from inadequate milk production — especially if they give birth prematurely. While things like latching can be overcome relatively easily, insufficient milk is a long-term issue. That’s where Moringa helps.”

Moringa is a superfood with a rich history of use as a universal health food in Veloso’s homeland of the Philippines. The popular plant is packed with nutrients, including 46 different antioxidants and all nine essential amino acids. One of the most famous uses for Moringa leaves, in particular, is as a galactagogue, leading to its nickname of “Mother Nature’s gift to women.” Go-Lacta has brought this game-changing breastfeeding supplement to the U.S. in the form of edible capsules, powders, and teas — all of which are made from 100% pure, raw, organic Moringa. This enables mothers to safely prepare for breastfeeding by naturally boosting their milk supply — not just after delivery but in the lead-up to giving birth, too.

“Those first few days are critical for your baby,” says Veloso. “If they’re going to thrive, they need to get the nutrition that they need from day one. That’s why you want to prepare your body throughout your pregnancy by using something safe and effective. That’s Moringa. It’s a superfood with a long track record of helping mothers and babies thrive, and thanks to Go-Lacta, it can continue to support growing families in the future, too.”

About Go-Lacta: The Go-Lacta brand operates under its parent company Sugarpod Naturals. The entire operation was launched 15 years ago, in 2007, and continues to be owned and operated by its founder, Angela Veloso. Both the brand and parent company focus on a shared vision of providing natural health solutions — primarily through the superfood Moringa Oleifera — to help mothers and their families stay healthy without the need for prescription drugs. Learn more about Go-Lacta at