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Radicle Science Co-founder Honored as Inc 200 Female Founder

Proof-as-a-Service pioneer Pelin Thorogood honored for co-founding healthtech B-corp, which welcomes thought leaders Keith Ferrazzi, Tom Blue and Anthony Almada…

By Girl Power News , in News , at April 25, 2023

Proof-as-a-Service pioneer Pelin Thorogood honored for co-founding healthtech B-corp, which welcomes thought leaders Keith Ferrazzi, Tom Blue and Anthony Almada to its advisory board

Radicle Science Co-founder and Executive Chairwoman, Pelin Thorogood, has been recognized as an Inc 200 Female Founder in 2023 for her trailblazing work in democratizing access to clinical trials for non-pharmaceuticals for the first time in history. Co-founded by Pelin Thorogood and Dr. Jeff Chen, Radicle Science is an AI-driven healthtech B-corp reimagining clinical research to create a movement towards proven personalized medicines, affordable and accessible by all, without gatekeepers.

Since launching in 2021, Radicle Science has been revolutionizing the supplement and natural health products industry with its tech-enabled Proof-as-a-Service platform, delivering unprecedented affordability, speed, scale, and diversity to clinical trials. A KPMG Top 10 US Tech Innovator, Radicle Science has already conducted some of the largest and/or first studies on various supplements and nutraceuticals.

“I am deeply honored and humbled by the Inc. Female Founder recognition, especially because this coveted recognition is not just about the person or the idea, but its execution and impact,” said Thorogood. “As such, this honor belongs to our entire team.”

A tech executive turned impact entrepreneur, Thorogood has made a career of being at the forefront of emerging business trends and disruptive technologies. Thorogood has also been honored as a “Maverick of the Year ” by the International Stevie Awards and a “Top 50 Life Sciences Leader” by the San Diego Business Journal. Deeply committed to community, education and innovation, she also serves as Trustee & Treasurer to the UC San Diego Foundation and as Co-Chair of the UC San Diego Innovation & Entrepreneurship Council.

Paul Roben, UC San Diego Associate Vice Chancellor of Innovation and Commercialization, shared, “Pelin is an inspiration to all those who work with her. Her passion, energy and the generosity with which she gives her time have motivated not just her company or the university, but the entire regional innovation ecosystem to challenge themselves to become more inclusive and impactful in driving social and economic prosperity across our region. The impact of Pelin’s contributions go far beyond any single endeavor, making her what I would term a Keystone of our innovation community.”

“Pelin has never ceased to amaze me as I watch her fluidly wield an array of key characteristics that founders need to succeed. She knows when to be strategic vs. tactical, lead with head vs. heart, push vs. yield, go fast vs. proceed cautiously. I’ve had the privilege of learning so much from her and am grateful to have her as my cofounder” shared Dr. Jeff Chen, CEO and Co-founder of Radicle Science.

Selected from thousands, “these 200 female founders have identified solutions to difficult problems and created valuable, industry-changing companies out of them,” said Inc. editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk.

Radicle Science is also pleased to announce the addition of three new advisors to its board: Keith Ferrazzi, Tom Blue, and Dr. Anthony Almada. They are joining other luminaries on the Radicle advisory board that includes Dr. Peter Diamandis, Dr. Jonathan Fielding, Dr. Rhona Appelboum and Tom Aarts.

Ferrazzi, a thought leader in collaborative sciences and a #1 New York Times bestselling author, previously served as the CMO for Deloitte, where he spurred the highest growth rate in the industry, as well as advisor to the CEO of Ford Motors. “Radical adaptability separates the best from the rest, and Radicle Science fits the title perfectly. By leveraging the latest technology and out-of-the-institution thinking, they have adapted traditional trials into a democratized, accessible model that is generating first of its kind insights,” shared Ferrazi.

Tom Blue shared, “I’ve dedicated my career to accelerating the application of cutting edge science into medical practice. I’m honored to be advising Radicle Science, whose research will drastically accelerate the evidence informing functional medicine and transforming healthcare,” said Blue. A catalyst for innovative clinical healthcare approaches, Blue is The Institute of Functional Medicine’s strategic industry advisor and previously served as the American Academy of Private Physicians’ Executive Director.

Anthony L. Almada is a biochemist with over 95 clinical trial collaborations and the pioneer of entirely new nutritional supplement categories, including creatine and thermogenics. Almada said, “I’m privileged and excited to advise Radicle Science and the new chapters of history that it’s pioneering. My life’s work is about innovation and clinical evidence, and Radicle Science brings both to the forefront with its revolutionary approach to research.”

Dr. Chen shared, “We are honored to have these trailblazers join our advisory board. Combining the experience and wisdom of such visionaries who have transformed entire industries will exponentially amplify our collective impact.”

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