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Seedlyfe Launches Its Newest Innovation, the First High-Quality Prenatal Vitamin Powder with Electrolytes

Offering Relief For Pregnant Women Struggling with Pills and Dehydration

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Today Seedlyfe, a women-owned powder supplement company, that offers high-quality, targeted nutrition for each stage of the reproductive life cycle, is introducing Seedlyfe Prenatal Vitamin Powder with added Electrolytes, a revolutionary prenatal supplement that provides a simple-to-swallow and tasty, premium solution for women.

A revolutionary prenatal supplement powder that provides a simple-to-swallow and tasty, premium solution for women.

“Our easily digestible prenatal vitamin powder provides exceptional ingredients, and is the only high-quality prenatal with electrolytes available. Nothing on the market comes close to nourishing and hydrating a pregnant woman’s body in such a simple, tasty way,” remarks Seedlyfe Co-Founder, Author and Celebrity Doula Lori Bregman whose clients include Anne Hathaway, Kate, Hudson, and Kelly Rowland.

Women struggling with dehydration and getting their nutrients in during pregnancy can expect an extreme makeover when it comes to how they nourish their bodies. Difficulty swallowing pills is common – 40% of Americans suffer through swallowing pills, and prenatal vitamins are some of the largest pills on the market.

No more giant, hard-to-swallow pills – this high-quality blend is easily mixed with water and delivers essential nutrients and hydration that mother and baby need for healthy growth and development. “As mothers, we know how agonizing prenatal pills can be. We thought it was incredibly important to offer women a tasty solution to taking nine pills or 20 gummies that was also hydrating.” says company Co-Founder Anna Rawson.

Seedlyfe Prenatal Vitamin Powder with Electrolytes is available for sale on and Amazon.

About Seedlyfe: Seedlyfe is an innovative powder supplement company whose superfood blends and powdered vitamins offer highly absorbable and digestible nutrition for each stage of the reproductive journey—from trying to conceive, pregnancy, postpartum, into motherhood and beyond. Using only high quality ingredients in the most bioavailable formats, Seedlyfe’s dietician-approved formulations help plant the seeds of optimal health facilitating healthier pregnancies, potentially improving child health outcomes.