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SmartMouth Survey Reveals Consumer Concerns About the Consequences of Bad Breath and Confusion About Its Cause

SmartMouth partners with research firm OnePoll to gauge attitudes about bad breath  

By Girl Power News , in News , at April 25, 2023

SmartMouth – a leading provider of innovative oral-care products – partnered with research firm OnePoll to determine bad breath’s impact on how consumers feel about themselves and how they perceive others. Conducted in late 2022, the survey drew responses from 2,000 consumers representing a general cross-section of the US population. While the poll revealed arguably predictable attitudes about the results of bad breath, it also revealed confusion about bad breath’s root cause: sulfur gas.

Respondents clearly indicated bad breath’s negative impact on relationships. For example:

Bad breath also can be linked to respondents’ level of self-confidence particularly during key events. The two events that had respondents most concerned about having bad breath were:

In fact, far fewer respondents (16%) were concerned about having bad breath when going to the dentist!

Perhaps that’s why fresh breath is at the top of respondents’ checklist when leaving the house (53%), ranking higher than checking for keys/phone (49%), checking the weather (40%) or even checking if their outfit matches (16%).

While consumers seemed clear about their concerns about the impact and implications of bad breath, survey results showed that most respondents are unaware of the true cause of bad breath and, therefore, do not know how to adequately combat it. For example:

Only 12% of respondents correctly identified sulfur gas as the true root cause of bad breath.

“This survey shows how important fresh breath is, in terms of its influence on one’s self-confidence, as well as on interpersonal relationships,” said SmartMouth CEO Jim Scheetz. “And while respondents identified some of the traditional contributing factors to bad breath, the survey also revealed common misconceptions about bad breath’s root cause. My hope is more people become educated about sulfur gas’s role in causing bad breath, so they can take the necessary steps to eliminate it – and bad breath.”

SmartMouth is a leading provider of innovative oral-care products aimed at eliminating the root cause of bad breath: sulfur gas in the mouth. Only SmartMouth is clinically proven to eliminate and prevent bad breath for 24 hours with just two rinses a day.

About SmartMouth

A leading innovator in the fight against bad breath, SmartMouth Oral Health Laboratories was founded in 1993 by Dr. Marvin Cohen. SmartMouth products utilize a patented zinc-ion-activated technology to eliminate the root cause of bad breath: sulfur gas. The SmartMouth line of homecare oral-hygiene products includes SmartMouth Original Activated Mouthwash, Clinical Activated Mouthwash, Dry Mouth Activated Mouthwash, Dry Mouth Mints and Premium Zinc Ion Toothpaste. SmartMouth can be purchased at retailers nationwide and online. For more information about SmartMouth products, visit

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