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The Prelude Network® and HelpCureHD Join Forces During Infertility Awareness Week 2023

More Than Infertility raises awareness on the fertility journey and treatment options for aspiring parents who face passing down inheritable diseases n; virtual, complimentary event open to those looking to learn more about IVF and genetic testing

By Girl Power News , in News , at April 25, 2023

In observance of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) and Canadian Fertility Awareness Week (CFAW), April 23-29, 2023, The Prelude Network® (Prelude), the largest and fastest-growing network of fertility centers in North America, and The HelpCureHD Foundation (HelpCureHD) announce the launch of More Than Infertility. This global campaign combines the parallel mission of both organizations to spread awareness and education of in vitro fertilization (IVF) with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) to help aspiring parents have a baby free of Huntington’s disease (HD).

An inheritable, incurable, and progressive disease, HD causes degeneration of nerve cells in the brain that leads to a deterioration of cognitive and behavioral health. There is a 50 percent chance a child could inherit the HD gene if a parent has the disease or is a carrier. Part of an IVF protocol, PGT is a screening used to determine whether an embryo has any abnormalities that could increase the odds of a miscarriage or a child being born with a range of genetic conditions prenatally, including HD.

“Prelude’s multi-disciplinary team of specialists, many of whom are innovators in reproductive science including PGT, treat our patients with an understanding that their journey is more than infertility – it’s about embarking on writing a new chapter of hopefulness in growing their families,” says Nicole R. Braley, Chief Marketing Officer of Inception Fertility™, the parent company to Prelude. “That hopefulness extends to aspiring parents who wish to have a baby free of a genetic, deadly disease. We are excited to use this year’s Infertility Awareness Week platform in the U.S. and Canada to further our global initiative of accessibility and partner with HelpCureHD to help even more aspiring parents access effective treatments.”

MLB veteran Joe Smith and his wife, TNT Sports reporter Allie LaForce founded HelpCureHD after Joe’s mother was confirmed to have the disease. The couple underwent IVF with PGT to help conceive their first child, a son, who was born in November 2022. HelpCureHD provides funding through its PGT-IVF grants to families in financial need to have a healthy baby free of Huntington’s disease. Each grant recipient receives funding for one round of PGT-IVF, which includes the cost of pre-cycle screening fees, fertility medications, IVF procedure costs, and genetic testing of embryos. Since its founding, HelpCureHD has raised close to $3 million, awarded grants to nearly 100 families, and has awarded over 135 IVF grants to families at risk of HD.

“Our family has experienced first-hand the devastating effects of HD and needing quality reproductive services to build our own family. Through this partnership with Prelude, we are closer to fulfilling our mission of closing the financial gap that stands between aspiring parents and the fertility assistance they need to conceive a child who is free of HD,” says Allie LaForce, Co-Founder of HelpCureHD. “We are honored to participate in Prelude’s More Than Infertility campaign and spread awareness that the need for excellent, science-driven fertility services are more than just about infertility.”

Join Prelude and HelpCureHD on Thursday, April 27 at 5pm CT, for “Genetics & IVF: How innovations in fertility care can reduce the risk of inherited diseases.” This complimentary virtual Q&A panel will discuss the latest advancements in genetic testing and IVF and opportunities to access treatment options. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions in a supportive and informative environment. The event will be led by Lauri Black, Director of Genetic Services at Inception Fertility, and Nichole Sims, Director of Grants and Clinical Relations with HelpCureHD.

To register, please visit

To learn more about More Than Infertility and donate to HelpCureHD’s grant program that will further its mission and help more aspiring parents build their families, please visit

About The Prelude Network®

The Prelude Network® (Prelude), the fastest-growing network of fertility clinics and largest provider of comprehensive fertility services in North America, is the clinic network of Inception Fertility™ – a family of fertility brands that touches every part of the fertility journey, including diagnostics and treatment to financial accessibility.

Each clinic, as part of the Prelude Network, is committed to delivering the highest level of personalized fertility care by the nation’s leading reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists and practitioners by focusing on an excellence in science, medicine and the patient experience. The growing Prelude Network has over 40 total locations nationwide, offering a wide range of fertility services including egg freezing, IVF, genetic testing, and egg/embryo storage, among others.

About HelpCureHD

HelpCureHD, a non-profit organization established by Joe Smith and Allie LaForce which aims to help improve the quality of life for those affected by Huntington’s Disease by contributing financial, emotional, and mental support while trying to find the cure. Our signature program provides financial assistance to families at-risk for HD to achieve their dreams of having a child that is HD-free through PGT-IVF. To learn more and support the cause, visit

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About Inception Fertility™ 

Inception Fertility™ (Inception) is a family of fertility brands committed to helping patients build their own families. Built by patients for patients, Inception’s purpose is to achieve the highest bar in experience, science and medicine in an effort to enhance each patient’s experience and achieve better outcomes.

Inception’s medical experts are leading pioneers in fertility care. Our doctors are some of the first to use breakthrough assisted reproductive technologies (ART) – including in vitro fertilization (IVF), preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) and fertility preservation services – and they continue to lead the industry by building on these technologies by through development, research and thought leadership.

Through its growing family of national organizations – which includes The Prelude Network®, the fastest-growing network of fertility clinics and largest provider of comprehensive fertility services in North America; Pathways Fertility, clinics that provide affordable, individualized and high quality care; MyEggBank®, one of the largest frozen donor egg banks in North America; Bundl Fertility™, a multi-cycle fertility service bundling program; HavenCryo™, a long-term reproductive preservation and storage solution provider and NutraBloom®, a premium lifestyle brand with expertly formulated supplements to support individuals’ health and wellness goals for preconception – Inception is working to deliver on its promise to push the envelope of what is possible for exceeding patient expectations.