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Untapped Partners with Untapped Potential Inc to Enhance Offerings for Women Returning to Work

Untapped headquartered in West Hollywood, California, is an all-in-one recruiting platform that helps businesses effectively hire a representative workforce and leverage…

By Girl Power News , in News , at April 25, 2023

Untapped headquartered in West Hollywood, California, is an all-in-one recruiting platform that helps businesses effectively hire a representative workforce and leverage data analytics to uncover disparities, identify biases and track progress against DE&I goals with confidence. The platform is the launchpad for talent seeking to break into today’s top tech companies.

Untapped Potential Inc., an award-winning social enterprise of Hartford, CT, has been advancing businesses and reigniting careers to impact gender equality for more than seven years. Using a programmatic approach that includes mentorship and upskilling, Untapped Potential focuses on connecting growth industries with experienced hires. These candidates have a gap in their careers due to caregiving and have prepared to pivot and return to work or are seeking flexibility to manage family responsibilities. The company’s trademark Flexreturn® Services increase the pipeline of women in senior roles and grow gender equality in STEM opportunities.

“We are thrilled to partner with Untapped!” shares Candace Freedenberg,
Untapped Potential’s Founder, “The partnership creates additional visibility for our
endeavor uplifting caregiving in our economy and returning the value of
experienced talent to business.”

While, both organizations share an overriding objective to influence diversity and make the workforce more inclusive, differences in respective talent and delivery models offer a complementary total solution.  As part of the arrangement, Untapped Potential Founder, Candace Freedenberg, will join Untapped’s Advisory Board emphasizing the importance of making the workplace inclusive of women and parents.

Tariq Meyers, Untapped’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO shares, “This partnership is part of
our overarching inclusion efforts, Untapped is proud to be able to amplify the goals of
players like Untapped Potential with its offering focused on parents along with future
partners that deliver services focused on specific underserved demographics.”

With this partnership, Untapped is able to expand its talent pool to include those returning to work and Untapped Potential may provide its signature services to a wider audience growing the understanding of the value of the hidden talent it serves.

Untapped Potential creates a powerful alternative to conventional recruiting methods that advances businesses and reignites careers. By leveraging a network of support, skillUP opportunities and curated engagements we’re engineering social change for women. We encourage all to re-examine how time spent caring for our next generation is viewed and valued. Untapped Potential’s Flexreturn® services curate talent with in-demand skills proven to advance the business workplace and impact the bottom line.  By removing barriers to entry for caregivers, more often women, and redefining work-life success, Untapped Potential impacts the wage gap and works to overcome statistical motherhood penalty. For more information, visit