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Wilshire Announces Launch of Hypatia Women CEO Index℠, Powered by Wilshire℠

Index Designed to Measure Performance of Companies Led by a Female Chief Executive Officer

By Girl Power News , in News , at October 26, 2022

Wilshire (Wilshire®) today announced the launch of a new Powered by Wilshire℠ index, the Hypatia Women CEO Index. Created and owned by Hypatia Capital, calculated and maintained by Wilshire, the index is designed to measure performance of U.S. companies led by a female Chief Executive Officer who meet certain size requirements.

The Hypatia Women CEO Index eligible universe focuses on a limited set of criteria, including a minimum $500 million in market capitalization and a primary listing in the United States. The aim is to periodically add holdings to encompass all qualifying securities.

“Investors are increasingly interested in the research that highlights the outperformance of female leadership in several asset classes. We are excited to launch the Hypatia Women CEO Index to continue sponsorship of women in leadership and highlight the performance of companies led by female CEOs,” said Patricia Lizarraga, founder and managing partner of Hypatia Capital.

For more information about the Hypatia Women Hedge CEO Index, please visit the fact sheet and methodology.

Wilshire is a global provider of market-leading indexes, advanced analytics, and multi-asset investment solutions. A trusted partner to a diverse range of more than 500 leading institutional investors and financial intermediaries, our clients rely on us to improve investment outcomes for a better future. Wilshire advises on over $1.3 trillion in assets and manages $93 billion in assets and is headquartered in the United States with offices worldwide.

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Hypatia Capital Management LLC is part of the Hypatia Capital Group, founded in 2007, and is an asset management firm focused on female CEOs and balanced management teams.

Hypatia Capital’s CEO-level female executive network includes over 1000 business leaders. For over a decade, Hypatia Capital has hosted the Private Equity CEO Roadmap Seminar, focused on providing the knowledge and contacts for senior female executives to navigate the private equity environment.

Hypatia Capital, through Hypatia Invests focuses on educating the general public on female focused investing opportunities in all asset classes.

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