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Marivel Sotelo, Founder of Unique’s Financial Freedom, Is Rebuilding Lives Through The Power Of Personal Credit Repair

How one Kernersville North Carolina company’s CEO is changing lives by changing credit scores Credit scores are not something most…

By Girl Power News , in News , at January 15, 2023

How one Kernersville North Carolina company’s CEO is changing lives by changing credit scores

Credit scores are not something most people spend much time thinking about today, But Marivel Sotelo, CEO of Unique’s Financial Freedom, is different. For Sotelo, credit scores are her lifeline in more ways than one.

Sotelo has seen the bottom with a rock-bottom credit score. She’s battled homelessness. She grappled with addiction, but her credit score changed her life. As is usually the case for people with bad credit scores, life snowballed. Poor decisions led to missed payments, earning her a poor credit score. Times were desperate. Eventually, Sotelo, a single mother of four, became obsessed with changing her circumstances for herself and her children. So that’s what she did – piece by piece.

Sotelo’s credit score was a benchmark back then. As the determination to rebuild her life grew, her credit score rose. Little by little, negative marks dropped off her credit report, buoying her score. Sotelo’s decision to change started with raising her credit score and, in turn, led to her passion.

This passion’s name is Unique’s Financial Freedom, LLC. Unique Financial Freedom is a full-service credit repair company that offers clients a restart of their life, similar to the transformation Sotelo went through. Clients come to her troubled by their low credit scores and embarrassed by their inability to qualify for a mortgage, apartment, or car loan.

The good news for clients serious about changing their lives is that studies suggest that seventy-nine percent of credit reports contain errors. And since most of Sotelo’s clients have never tracked their credit reports closely, they often have no idea of inaccuracies. Unique’s Financial Freedom dives deep into clients’ credit reports to find these errors and acts on the client’s behalf to get them removed.

For Sotelo, this is about a new life, not just a new credit score. She, certainly more than most, knows how much such an olive branch means to people. In her words, “We care to see people succeed. We provide a solution to people’s lives by helping them live financially free and have a second chance at life.” When clients are serious about change, Marivel Sotelo and Unique’s Financial Freedom help rebuild their life – one credit report at a time.