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Oma Fertility Announces Shared Egg Freezing Program, Furthering Commitment to Make Parenthood Possible for More People

Patients who freeze their eggs with Oma and donate a portion to the Oma Egg Donor Program will receive the…

By Girl Power News , in News , at April 25, 2023

Patients who freeze their eggs with Oma and donate a portion to the Oma Egg Donor Program will receive the entire procedure at no cost

Oma Fertility, a full-service chain of fertility clinics that combines AI and robotics in the lab and human-centered care in the clinic, today announced a new Shared Egg Freezing Program that will help democratize access to egg freezing services and meet a rising demand for egg donors across the United States. The program enables patients to freeze and store their eggs for free, including medications, and donate a portion of the eggs retrieved to the Oma Egg Donor Program to help others on their journey to parenthood.

Oma’s program is being introduced at a time when egg freezing services are in high demand and the need is greater than ever. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) estimates egg freezing increased a staggering 2,695% from 2009 to 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down. By 2025, almost 10 million couples will encounter problems having a baby, and approximately 20% will rely on IVF over the next two decades.

Today, the national average cost for one complete cycle of egg freezing (including ultrasound monitoring, doctor supervision, and injectable medications) is upwards of $14k, not including the supplemental, annual cost for egg storage which can range anywhere from $500$1K per year.

“At Oma, we understand these costs are out of reach for many,” said Gurjeet Singh, co-founder, and CEO of Oma Fertility. “Our empathetic approach to affordable and accessible fertility care through programs like this provides our patients with the opportunity to plan for their own family while making parenthood a possibility for those who aren’t able to conceive on their own.”

Those who wish to apply for the program must complete a donor application and an initial doctor consultation. If accepted, the patient’s entire egg freezing procedure – including 5 years of storage – will be offered at no cost (a $9,500 value at Oma).

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Oma Fertility, a division of Oma Robotics, was founded in 2020 by a team of engineers, AI experts, and fertility specialists who believe that combining AI and robotics in the lab and human-centered care in the clinic will make parenthood possible for more people. The company’s first innovation is Oma Sperm InSight™, which uses AI to help pinpoint the most promising sperm cell for use in IVF. Oma Fertility opened its first fertility clinic in Santa Barbara, California, in 2021 and has plans to expand nationally through 2023. Oma Fertility was recently named to Fast Company‘s second annual Next Big Things in Tech list, honoring technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of industries.

The company was founded in 2020 by Gurjeet Singh, Ph.D., previous founder of Ayasdi, Dr. Sahil Gupta previous founder of Aveya Fertility, and Kiran Joshi, Ph.D., previous founder of Koko.

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